Solar Cycle 2018​​​​!

May you all enjoy Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Fine Festivals near your latitude, longitude, and attitude!

​Confirmed Events Below- More Updates to come!

​Feb 18-19 / Long Beach, CA /"Scotsfest" aboard & around the HMS Queen Mary / Highland Games and Gathering
Feb 23-25 / Fountain Hills, AZ / "The Great Fair" Arts and Crafts Festival / 
Booth C-038

Note the Early Date of Tucson Below!
March 2-4 / Tucson, AZ / 4th Avenue Street Fair

Booth 562 near Skybar
March 17-18 / Dublin (CA) Saint Patricks Celebration, Dublin Civic Center
March 24-26 / Tempe, AZ / Festival of the Arts Spring

Booth 1228 on Mill between 5th and 6th
April 7-8 / Hawaiian Scottish Games, Honolulu

(still tentative actually)
April 28-29 / Woodland, CA / New Name! Woodland Celtic Festival and Games Yolo county fairgrounds/ Woodland, CA /Agriculture Building as always!

Always Double check before coming to an event specifically to find us, since things can happen last minute. Feel free to text me to confirm participation if you like. I will try to add booth locations when possible. Text 510-928-1146 on or around show dates for confirmed attendance.

Events Below are quasi-tentative, based on last year's cycle

May 5-6 / Mountain View, CA/ Art & Wine Festival
May 12-14 / The Whole Earth Festival! /UCDavis campus Mothers Day Celebration!

May 19-20 / Walnut Creek, CA / Art on the Main / Wine too! Main Street.
May 28-29 / Costa Mesa, CA/ Scottish Fest USA/ Orange County Fairgrounds. Grab your Pipes and Kilt!

June 2-3 / Sunnyvale, CA/ Art & Wine Festival, Downtown Village Art & Wine

June 9-10 / San Diego, CA / San Diego Festival of the Arts

June 23-24 / San Diego, CA / San Diego Highland Scottish Games

July 13-15 / Plymouth, MI /Art in the Park/, Community rallying cry for the Arts!

July 19-22 / Ann Arbor, MI./ The Ann Arbor Art Fair/ State Street District Area (booth L515 on Liberty st. and Maynard intersection)

July 27-29 / Syracuse, NY / Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival

(Located at the Fountain Circle)

Aug 3-5 / Dublin, OH Irish Festival, One of the Largest Irish Events in the USA! (Emerald Isle Arts section, booth #1)

Aug 10-12 / St. Paul, MN, Minnesota Irish Festival, Harriett Island Park. The Largest Free event of it's Kind in the US!

Aug 16-19 / Milwaukee Irish Fest, Lakefront Complex Milwaukee, WI !

(This is the real thing folks, come experience this festival sometime, even if you have to travel a ways.... The largest of its kind in North America!)

Aug 25-26 / Highland Park, IL / Port Clinton Art Show

Aug 30-Sept 3 / DragonCon / Sci-Fi Fantasy Festival of Epic

Proportions! America's Mart Downtown Atlanta, GA...

Sept 6-9 / Yellow Daisy Festival, Stone Mt Park, GA

Sept 14-16 / Indy Irish Festival, Indianapolis, IN

Sept 28-30 / Celtic Classic, Bethlehem, PA

Oct 14-15 /  Half Moon Bay, CA / Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival / Main Street Downtown. 
Nov 10-12 / Fountain Hills, AZ / Fountain Festival of Arts
Nov 30-Dec 2 /Tempe, AZ / Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts/ Mill Ave District/ booth TBD
Dec   7-9/ Tuscon, AZ​​​ / Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair / Down 4th Ave district


2017 "Circle Around the Sun" Tour
Please note that there will be many updates soon! I have retained 2016 show schedule dates below for reference on annual and occasional events, but these dates will be updated in the 2017 section.

Feb 18-19 / Scotsfest aboard the Queen Mary! Highland Games
Feb 24-26 / Fountain Hills "Great Fair" art show, AZ
March 4-5 / Arizona Highland Games, Phoenix AZ (withdrawn)
March 10-12 / Sonora Celtic Fair, Sonora CA Fairgrounds
March 18-19 / Dublin (California) Saint Patricks Celebration, Dublin Civic Center
March 24-26 / Tucson's Infamous 4th Avenue Street Fair, booth 562
Mar 31-Apr 2 / Tempe Festival of the Arts Spring Celebration, Mill Ave district. Booth #1324 on Mill between 5th and 7th
April 8-9 / Hawaiian Scottish Games, Honolulu
April 15 / Waikiki Ohana Festival, Kapiolani Park
April 29-30 / Sacramento Valley Scottish Games, Yolo county fairgrounds, Woodland, CA
May 6-7 / Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, CA
May 12-14 / The Whole Earth Festival! UCDavis campus Mothers Day Celebration!
May 28-29 / Scotsfest 2017, Costa Mesa, OC Fairgrounds. Grab your Pipes!
June 3-4 / Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival, Sunnyvale Downtown Village

July 8-10 / Plymouth, MI Art in the Park, community rallying cry for the arts!
July 20-23 / Ann Arbor, MI. The Epic Ann Arbor Art Fair, State Street District Area!
July 28-30 / Syracuse, NY./ Fine Arts and Crafts Festival / Downtown Syracuse
August 5-8 / Dublin, OH / Dublin Irish Festival / One of the Largest on Earth / Community Recreation Center Park.
Emerald Arts Isle area, booth #1
Aug 11-13 / Minnesota Irish Festival, Harriett Island, St. Paul, MN,
Aug 17-20 / Milwaukee Irish Fest, Lakefront Complex Milwaukee, WI !
Aug 26-27/ Buffalo, NY. Elmwood Arts Festival....
Sept 1-4/ DragonCon, America's Mart Downtown Atlanta, GA...
Sept 7-10 / Yellow Daisy Festival, Stone Mt Park, GA
Sept 14-17 / Indy Irish Festival, Indianapolis, IN
Sept 22-24 / Celtic Classic, Bethlehem, PA

Oct 14-15 /  Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival  Half Moon Bay, CA

Nov 3-5 / Sacramento Arts Festival, Sacramento, CA

Nov 10-12 / Fountain Festival of Arts and Crafts, Fountain Hills, AZ

Dec 1-3 / Tempe Arts Festival, Mill Ave District, Tempe, AZ

Dec   7-10/ Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair, Tuscon, AZ


 Show Schedule

 I remain steadfastly grateful for everyone's support over the many years of amazing connections with all of you across the Nation. I hope to see you all again in person, so thanks for seeing if my schedule fits into yours! 

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